Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Burrendong Ridgecrest Camp NSW

Friday 5th July 
We are currently at Burrendong Ridgecrest Camp (see photos) - a Kid's Kamp was still going when we arrived, so haven't seen too much of Chris or Lynette yet, but it has just finished and the parents are collecting the kids as I write. The view from up here is magnificent - the Dam and Lake on one side, and hills and mountains from the other sides. We are here until Monday when we leave for home.
View from Ridgecrest

Burrendong Camping Area

Burrendong Dam and Lake

Burrendong Lake

From Ridgecrest ... towards Orange

Sunday 8th July 
Got up this morning, opened the door of the caravan and looked straight at this beautiful sunrise over Burrendong Lake......
Sunrise over Burrendong Dam
.....then a little later the mist started to rise off the waters near the dam.
Mist rising from Burrendong Dam
Yesterday I spent most of the day working with the volunteers here on a retaining wall that they are building so as they can put in a Jumping Pillow for the kids when they come on camp. It is being built close to the edge of a very steep fall off that has to be reinforced and it is hard, slightly dangerous, labour. We started at 8am had a short stop for morning tea and lunch and back into it, by 3pm I was zonked out, so I had to excuse myself, but Ps Chris and the others kept on going until 6pm - volunteering can sometimes be harder than working! Your Mum even came down and did a bit, but she has been having quite a bit of back pain (all the sitting in the car) lately, so she had to take it easy.

Tuesday  9th July
Tuesday 9th July After staying at Denman Caravan Park we arrived home today. We travelled roughly 16,500 Kms around Australia.