Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cutta Cutta Caves NT

Today (12/5) we drove the seventy or so Kms to Cutta Cutta Caves and did the tour of the cave which was quite nice, but it is a slow growing cave as it only gets water in it during the Monsoon season and it is also a closed cave (i.e. you come out the same way you went in) so there is no air flow and it got quite hot and humid down there - just as well it was only a 45 min tour (which cost $19 each).

Entering Cutta Cutta Caves
Broken Column
Upsidedown Crocodile Head
Tight Squeeze
Beautiful Flow Feature
Leaving Cutta Cutta Caves
 We are now at Katherine - walked down to the Hot Springs here (10 min walk) may try them tomorrow early morning when there (hopefully) won't be too many people there. Tuesday we do a boat trip on the Nitmiluk (Katherine) River Gorge ($94 each) which does 3 gorges in 4 hours with a swim in the third gorge. 

Ruth and I have done more swimming (getting wet) in the last week than we have in the last couple of years (apart from Moree Hot Springs) - we have been in every caravan park swimming pool, plus the springs.