Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Lost City, Tolmer Falls, Wangi Falls NT

This morning we left early to see more of Litchfield National Park and to beat the Tourist Buses from Darwin. Our first stop was an area of rock formations called "The Lost City". This attraction is only open to 4WD vehicles as the 10.5 Km track to get there is just that, a track, (the lady at the information place at Batchelor said it was just a goat's track), however even though it was rough, corrugated in places, loose sandy spots and several deep cracks in the track we did it in 2WD all the way there and back - but it did take 30 mins each way as it was so windy (that's twisty not even a breeze) that we couldn't pick up any speed. 

We thought we had arrived when we came to these rocks that looked as though they were slabs of rock laid on top of each other and left to weather, but as the track still kept going we pushed on until we came out to this large area of weathered sand stone rocks that sort of resembled an ancient lost city in ruins. It was quite interesting and we were glad we had taken the time and effort to see this attraction because we were told that it was a waste of time and not worth the effort, by a couple in the Caravan Park who had spoken to someone who had been there. Just goes to show that different people have different perspectives on things - speaking to people who have been where you are going is a good source of information, but in this case it proved not to be. 

Entrance to The Lost City
Ruth at The Lost City
Columns of The Lost City
Tree holding up roof of The Lost City
Next stop was the Tolmer Falls Lookout - it was quite spectacular with a very large plunge pool at its base, but pool area was out of bounds as some rare bats lived down there, so we were only allowed to look at it from above the falls.
Tolmer Falls
So we continued onto Wangi Falls where we could swim in the plunge pool - it was a large pool and the waterfall consists of two and a half falls - the half is a small spring that comes out about half way down the escarpment and the water that comes out of that is a lot warmer than the water coming from the other two falls. It's hard to see in the photos as it is only a trickle and follows the contours of the rock face just right of the smaller of the two other falls.
Wangi Falls (1)
Wangi Falls (2)
Green Leaf Ants at home.
We had a good swim there, saw a water monitor (lizard) and got out just as the buses started to arrive. We had lunch and then drove back to the park. We had a dip in the pool here a little later.