Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Edith Falls NT

Well we didn't get far from Katherine, 40Kms north on the Stuart Hwy there is a turn-off to Edith Falls for a further 20Kms (on a good sealed road), so we took it having read a bit about how nice it was there. We arrived about 10 am and so we thought we would take the 1.6Km walk to the top falls as these are really a cascade with three separate falls making up the whole.

It was quite a climb over a fairly rough track and lots of rocky outcrops to negotiate at the end of the walk. But it is was well worth it and we enjoyed a nice cooling dip in the pool at the bottom of the top falls. Then we had to walk back and by the time we got back we were hot and bothered, so we decided to stay in the camp grounds here (they have everything except power, so I'm writing this on batteries - going flat quickly).

We had lunch and then went to the plunge pool at the bottom falls and it was much nicer and deeper there and a good place for proper swimming. The middle falls are not accessible by any track we could see, but I did manage to get a some photos of them from the top falls.

So that was this days events, we are both sweltering now in the caravan at 32 deg (must be the humidity), but it does cool down in the night - may even go back for another swim before 7 pm (when they close - not sure if they turn off the falls, but it does say they are closed between 7 pm and 7 am).
Edith Bottom Falls
Edith Middle Falls
Edith Top Falls