Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heading West in QLD

We stayed at Cloncurry tonight and will head out tomorrow for Camoowel Caves National Park. The roads so far have been fairly good, even better than the Bruce Hwy in places. It is quite dry and most of the small rivers and creeks are dry sand beds. It's not too hot during the day and the nights are quite cool. Last night we stayed at a Rest Stop which was quite nice, except we had the railway on one side and the road on the other with several trains during the night and lots of Road Trains at night - so it was quite noisy and kept your Mum awake, but didn't affect me as I had a good night's rest. Today we drove thru Hugenden and Richmond that had some large dinosaurs (models) in their main streets. This is Dinosaur Country with museums of bones etc. telling us how many millions of years old they are (so we didn't bother paying to see them).
Hugendon Dinosaur
Richmond Dinosaur
Roadside stop west of Hugendon