Saturday, June 15, 2013

Albany - Esperance WA

This is probably going to be the shortest update of the trip. We left Albany and drove to Esperance, and that's about it. 
The drive was unspectacular - rather straight sections of road, but hilly with scrubby countryside, wheat farms (either just harvested or with the Winter crop just sown) and some sheep scattered here and there. We stopped in Ravensthorpe for lunch at the local park, we had been driving for three hours and desperately in need of the toilet break, when the local policeman pulled up beside us and ask where we were from? - Newcastle - where in Newcastle? - Port Stephens - where in Port Stephens? - Tanilba Bay - big smile, I'm originally from Raymond Terrace. Then he wanted to talk about good places to go, how he's not going to waste his retirement money on a big Winnebago and has bought a Renault truck that he is going to turn into a motor home, etc - whilst we stood there trying to be interested when all we wanted to do was go to the toilet and get lunch. I guess it was better than getting a ticket, but he must have been at a loose end and wanted a chat. 
Didn't take any photos today, so that's it for now - tomorrow we go to church (Baptist this time), do some sight seeing (hopefully a whale or two) - Ruth's already done two loads of washing - and basically have a rest day, then on Monday we pick up our mail (hopefully) at the PO and head off to Norseman.