Monday, June 10, 2013

Carnarvon - Geraldton WA

We left Carnarvon for perhaps the most uneventful road trip of our holiday to Geraldton - very few road trains, the scenery was very flat and scrubby for most of the way until we were approaching Geraldton and then we started to come into civilisation again, with traffic and traffic lights etc. until we reached our Caravan Park stop for the night a bit away from the main town precincts and close to a beach. During our drive we saw more goats than cattle, some sheep and one echidna (scurrying across the road). The goats were wild (feral) and roamed in family packs of Billy (with his beard and horns), several Nannys and all of their Kids.
Typical country between Carnarvon and Geraldton
View toward Indian Ocean from roadside lookout
We went for a walk to the beach, which is a headland, and saw a lighthouse that looked like a lighthouse should look - with bright red and white stripes and a light on top - so many nowadays are just a steel tripod style structure. The beach was typical of most of the beaches we have seen over here, not much surf, but it was windy and there were a couple of wind surfers having fun and one lone board rider trying to catch waves on a bit of a reef off shore. However we have noticed that they allow anyone to drive along the beach and even have access roads onto the beach. So as I said, this day was quite uneventful, but we arrived safely and that always makes it a good day, for which we thank God each and every time we stop to eat and before we leave each morning.
Lighthouse at Geraldton
Beach at Geraldton
As this is a small update, there is something I have been meaning to tell you for quite some time. That's the "Wander's Wave" - as I call it. Ever since we passed Charters Tower in Qld we have been caught up in the "Wave" - whenever another caravan (or campervan or camper trailer) pass, the driver (mostly, sometimes the passenger) give a little wave, which I then return. The wave comes in a variety of forms - the most common being all of the fingers of one hand (doesn't matter which one) being lifted off of the steering wheel whilst the thumb stays attached to the steering wheel. Other varieties include just one or two fingers being raised - and no one takes offence at that - a full hand wave taken wholly off of the steering wheel and least of all just a nod of the head. I would say that 90% of the "Wanders" (not always Grey Nomads either) do this and those who don't always seem to have a sour look on their face. Some cars will wave but not many. As I said not all "Wanders" are Grey Nomads - although the majority are - we have come across a lot of foreign young people, mostly backpackers, and even some parents with their children, whom they are home schooling.