Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Broome WA

We are in Broome - what can I say about Broome? 

No much, I'm afraid! Oh yes, I did get my broken tooth fixed this morning and it only cost me $220 - tell your kids to train up as dentists @ $220 for a quarter of an hour's work, that's $880 per hour - pretty good money even if half is taken up by overheads (which I doubt). 

Cable Beach
Broome is famous for its beautiful, fabulous Cable Beach - see photo - our beaches around the Port and Newcastle beat it hands down - there's virtually no surf, there are stingers (last one caught was on May 15th - but they could still be there), the sand is white and fine with chunks of coral and rocks in it and it was raining (never rains in June in Broome). About the only thing about it that was better than our beaches were the man made structures, cafes and walks etc., obviously intended to attract the swank set of people. 

It started raining (sprinkling) last night and early morning it came down quite heavily - locals are gob smacked because it shouldn't rain in June - it sort of cleared up, but stayed overcast most of the day.

We went down to the point where the lighthouse is, called Gantheaume Point, named after the French Captain who first saw the point, didn't really inspect it properly as he thought it was an island and called it Gantheaume Island. 

Rock Formations at Gantheaume Point
More Rock Formations at Gantheaume Point
There are some very jagged and dangerous rock formations there that seem to be eroding very quickly and the sign says they have found lots of dinosaur foot-prints down in the sandstone at the base of the cliff, which can only be accessed a very low tide and they don't advise to go looking for them (or even tell you where they would be if you did - secret information). 

This point is very significant for the local aboriginal people because this is where, after they die, they come back and are re-born. They also state that they have always been here and that their Gods came from the north. 

Ruth found a new boyfriend
After that we drove to the main town area where there are three streets that are called China Town although we didn't see many Chinese shops or restaurants, but we did see lots of cultured pearls - a single large pearl drop on a gold chain started a just over $1,000 and a string went for $8,000 and up to $34,000. 

A Mosaic at the Entrance to the Shopping Centre in China Town
So that is Broome, I think it is aimed at the more affluent people, we looked at some real estate advertisements and starting prices for units $400 to $500 thousand and houses over the million dollar mark. 

We are hoping for a clear, fine day tomorrow for our flight over the Kimberley Coast!