Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Pinnacles - Nambung National Park WA

The Nambung National Park is what all national parks should be like - sealed road all the way in - nominal fee to get in ($5 for Seniors) - a nice interpretive centre - toilets - marked walkways and best of all, you can actually drive around the features. You can take either or both, 1.2 Km walk or 4 Km drive, we opted for the drive and got out and walked around were we pleased. 

 This park is a must see for all that come this way - there are literally thousands of these formations called the Pinnacles that just stick out of the sand in all sorts of shapes and sizes and when viewed from different angles appear to change their shape - shape shifters. It is most unusual as there can be a large expanse of smooth sand and then stretched out as far as the eye can see all of these things emerging out of the sand like tombstones in places and jagged shapes in other places. It's not easy to explain, so that's why I've included more photos than I would in an update - they just have to be seen to be believed. 

 They are not right on the beach as we thought - they are in the sand hills near the beach, but we had to drive 6 Kms inland from the coast to reach the entry gate into the NP - the sand hills here stretch for miles inland, but the majority are covered by scrubby vegetation, but occasionally there is an open outcrop of just sand piled up and moving in the wind. Also they are not made of hard sand as we thought, but are hard limestone formed, according to the experts, by eroded remains of sand dunes layers rich with plant roots that over time became calcified by water rich in minerals seeping through OR they are the calcified trunks of an ancient forest buried by sand in a violent and intense storm and the calcium rich sand petrified the trunks and in both cases the sand was then blown away exposing what remained - now called the Pinnacles. 

Whatever caused them - God has a sense of humour, I'm sure - they are beautiful and intriguing to behold and just go to show us that His creation is marvelous and wonderful, just like HIM.

Driving through The Pinnacles
There are thousands of them!
Some are bulky.
Some are tall and slender.
Some are good to rest on.
Some are pointy.
Some are like Stonehenge.
Some are good to ride on.
Some are like tombstones.
Some go on forever.
Some are like decayed teeth.
Some are almost vulgar.
This is not what you are thinking!